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Online Retailer Conference & Expo


Every day, 9am to 6pm Wednesday 20 July to Thursday 21 July


Adult: $899.00Adult: $2249.00

Over two days industry speakers from Kmart The Iconic Bangn Bodies Domino’s and many more will come together to talk on the topics that matter to the online market.

They'll discuss the challenges and advancements to help retailers improve their business models from trend profiling digital transformation new payment technologies combatting talent shortages supply chain management improving customer experience and so much more. 

Attendees will have access to a comprehensive range of topics over 110+ speakers' inspirational advice on business strategy and the all-new B2B stream which will offer insights into how to effectively deliver on seamless CX.

With seven stages Online Retailer will address everything that’s front of mind for retailers including reimagining customer engagement aligning sales functions and the marketing process and its impact on business growth and innovative ways to close the gap between the business and consumer. 

With seven stages Online Retailer will address everything that’s front of mind for retailers. Highlights include:

- CX-Led Digital Transformation with Michael Gillespie; 

We all know the buzzwords: “digital transformation” “customer-centricity” “leverage the cloud” and “artificial intelligence” but winning in the face of increasingly competitive market pressures requires more than just buzzwords. Attendees will hear from the Group Chief Digital and Experience Officer for Domino’s Michael Gillespie who has more than 20 years of experience across online marketing digital strategy and over the last decade has helped Domino’s transform into one of Australia’s most innovative brands.

- CxO Retail Leader’s Panel featuring representatives of Flora and Fauna Optus & more; 

With the pandemic accelerating digital adoption and innovation across all sectors the ultimate goal for retailers is to deliver a frictionless seamless customer experience from the first click right through to the last mile. Hear from leading CxOs and industry experts as they take a deep dive into what the future holds for retail and the roadmap for 2022 and beyond.

- Next-Gen Retail Tech – Reimagining CX featuring representatives of Cue Australian Fashion Council & more; 

In an age of tech-led disruption, brands need to navigate the plethora of retail E2E solutions available. With the rise especially during the height of the pandemic of eCommerce as a preferred channel for customers, how can brands stay relevant and respond to growing customer demands all whilst staying ahead of the technology curve? Join speakers Tracey Hamilton as she shares her insights into high energy creative consulting facilitation for firms looking to grow fast and shape the innovation adoption journey for customers.

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