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Old Way & New Way: Kieren Karritpul + Patricia Marfurra

Mother and son Patricia Marfurra and Kieren Karritpul reveal a shared commitment to sustainability and community.

The premise for the exhibition Yerr Wetimbi yi Yerr Marrgu / Old Way & New Way is deceptively simple: linguist and artist / weaver Patricia Marfurra has made a huge and magical woven fishnet which Kieren Karritpul translates into delicate abstract paintings.

The working relationship between mother and son Patricia Marfurra and Kieren Karritpul, however, reveals a shared commitment to sustainability and community: the artist’s woven and painted tributes made old way and new way honour their ancestors and their teachings and demonstrate the way strong cultural connections in daily life can be maintained.

As members of a small, intense art community. Kieren Karritpul and Patricia Marfurra are recognised Ngen’gi wumirri artists from Nauiyu Nambiyu, a small community on the Daly River about three hours south-west of Darwin. In Daly River there is no escaping the woven lines of inspiration and connection.

The woven form of the Merrepen palm is both subject and metaphor and part of their process. Yerrgi is the Daly River word (Ngan’gikurrungurr language) for the ubiquitous pandanus plant, the Screw Palm, Pandanus spiralis which together with the Sand Palm (merrepen, Livistona humilis) are the main sources of fibre for Top End weavers.

The artists invite us to share this inter-generational collaboration, communication and exchange.

The exhibition’s piece de resistance Patricia’s handwoven net is traditionally used by older women to collect fish and turtles. In Kieren Karritpul’s paintings and textiles the fishnet is a reoccurring motif and each painted line echoes the woven line. As a young man, Kieren watched his mother (Patricia), grandma and other older ladies fishing in a billabong where kids catch fish or barramundi. Today he applies this keen gaze to hunting.

Opening: Saturday 30 March at 2pm.



Thursdays and Fridays, 11am to 6pm
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Saturday 30 March to Saturday 27 April 2019

Opening: Saturday 30 March at 2pm



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