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Pocket City Farms

Native Food Gardens

31A Mallett St
Camperdown NSW 2050
Pocket City Farms

Saturday 5 March from 10am to 1pm

Do it for the birds, for the bees, and for your plate. Growing Australian native edible plants is a great way to boost the diversity in your garden - for both the pollinators and your own diet.

Perfectly suited to our climate, native edible plants are often easy to grow, and provide beneficial relationships with other edibles. 

What you’ll learn

This workshop will teach you the background of our Australian native food plants, how to identify species, as well as how to grow, care for, propagate and harvest native edibles. You'll also learn how to use local species in your cooking or for medicinal use at home.

What you’ll get

  • Information Pack: Post course notes and resources.

  • Samples: Taste test some of our local species.

  • Knowledge: Access to experts to answer your burning questions.

What to bring

  • Paper and pen to make notes

  • Hat and suncream if sunny

Suitable for

  • All ages.

  • Beginner to intermediate gardeners.

Workshop facilitator

Narelle Happ is a garden designer and horticulturalist who specialises in native garden and permaculture design. She has over a decade of experience and is passionate about creating ‘living’ spaces which are nurturing, productive and sustainable. The majority of her research and learning about native food gardens is from working at Sydney Wildflower Nursery which is a native specialist nursery and stocks a large range of bush food plants. Narelle has endorsement from Uncle Noel and Trish Butler, Uncle Dean, Uncle Max, Aunty Carol, Aunty Dolly, Fran Bodkin and many other elders she has had the privilege of running workshops for and with.

Pocket City Farms acknowledges we live, work and farm on land that was forcibly taken from Aboriginal people. There has been no Treaty with the First Nations of this place and the effects of colonisation continue to this day. We pay 1% of our income in rent for workshops that utilise indigenous knowledge. Our teachers have been given permission to share the techniques taught in these workshops.

*Pocket City Farms is continuously updating our covid practices to make our workshops and events as safe as possible, following the current guidelines and recommendations.

Covid-safe information

Pocket City Farms has a comprehensive COVID safe plan that is regularly updated in line with Government requirements and this may include requiring all volunteers and visitors to be fully COVID vaccinated and have the appropriate vaccination evidence prior to attending the farm. If you have any questions in relation to this please contact us via

Alongside our work health and safety procedures, our COVID-19 plan ensures we keep our guests and staff safe and compliant with government requirements at all times.

Our COVID-19 plan safety measures to reduce transmission risk including, but not limited to:

  • Limiting event capacity;

  • Practicing social distancing;

  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with local guidelines;

  • Encouraging regular, thorough hand washing;

  • Coordinating individually-portioned lunch items (reducing the risk of contamination via communal serving dishes);

  • Ensuring our staff do not come to work if they experience COVID-19 symptoms and to get tested asap.

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Pocket City Farms


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