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Nano revolution: Taking health and medicine to the next leve

University of Sydney
University of Sydney
Parramatta and City Roads, Camperdown NSW 2006

Monday 17 February from 6:30pm to 8pm

Nanotechnology is unlocking new ways to understand human biology.

Visiting nanoscientist Paul S. Weiss from UCLA is at the forefront of this space. He studies the ultimate limits of miniaturisation in order to develop new tools and better understand the chemical and physical world. In this event Professor Weiss shares his insights into the applications of nanotechnology in fields such as neuroscience and microbiome studies.

He is joined by Dr Anna Waterhouse and Dr Shelley Wickham from the University of Sydney Nano Institute, who are leading a project to build autonomous, programmable nanorobots to navigate the human body, to detect heart disease.