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Funk Sydney

Morgan Houston + Tayla + Mel Ertler

Civic Underground
Civic Underground
Civic Hotel, 388 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Every day, 8pm to 12am Thursday 23 December to Friday 24 December

Up and coming Sydney artist Morgan Houston combines addictive melodies with poetic introspection and soulful vocals to create her own brand of vibrant pop music.

Her debut single Glow Up was released in June 2021. Glow Up glides effortlessly between seductive dreamscapes and anthemic choruses that have you hooked after the first listen.

Writing and producing from the depths of her bedroom, she writes achingly honest and self-reflective lyrics that contemplate the intoxicating highs and lows of love, life and heartbreak.

Don’t miss Morgan’s stripped back performance alongside the dangerous duo Hunter Clarke and Hayden Dalton on drums and bass.

Tayla pours her heart onto paper intertwining melodies with indie electronic and dreamy pop sounds.

Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, Tayla blends whimsical pop with unfolding reflections of her past. Known for her delicate vocal performance accompanied by keys, these ethereal tunes are euphoric and nostalgic.

Mel Ertler is a 20 year old Sydney-based artist drawing from soul, pop, rock, jazz and funk to concoct some flavoursome tunes. This eclectic style is inspired by fusion classics like Steely Dan and current funk revivalists like Vulfpeck.

Mel’s music is brewed in collaboration with her brother at their home studio. Together, they create a sound packed with lighthearted groove which contrasts with her vulnerable, earnest lyrics.

This trademark was embedded in her debut single Hold on to My Mind as well as her current single Saturn Blues. This cosmic-themed tune has a sombre, elegant feel to it laced with energetic, funky moments.

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Civic Underground follows all NSW covid safe regulations. Visit the Civic Hotel website for the latest conditions of entry.

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