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Mindful Drawing (Daytime)

National Art School
Forbes Street & Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Tuesdays and Fridays, 10am to 2pm Tuesday 18 February to Friday 17 April


Course fee: $830.00

Do you want to learn to explore the effects of mindfulness on creativity? Learn how to bring renewed enjoyment and flow to your drawing practice by working with personal intentions and choices of subject matter.

Pam Vaughan takes an embodied and multisensory approach to art-making that will increase your connection with your subjectivity, develop your reflective skills, bring deeper insight into your images, and help you move through creative blockages.

You will explore a range of drawing techniques from observational through to abstraction, examine compositional elements involving line, shape, form, tone and perspective, and use a collection of media that includes pencil, ink, charcoal, chalk pastels, gesso and collage. Pam also introduces you to drawings by past and contemporary artists, and gives you the opportunity to design and create your own drawing project. There will be demonstrations, group and individual teaching, and guided exercises.

Pam Vaughan has been a finalist in the Sulman and Dobell prizes, received a national printmaking award, and holds postgraduate qualifications in studio practice and teaching. Her practice focuses primarily on drawing and printmaking, but she also explores painting and sculpture.

Her artworks reflect an ongoing love of animals, as well as an investigation of the subconscious, not only in subject matter but also in relation to mark-making as a physical and energetic extension of the body. Pam’s current studio explorations involve making a response to the landscape and creatures of the Blue Mountains.