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Matlok Griffiths: Lint

Art exhibition

The “vague repetitions of life” inform Matlok Griffiths’ works in his show ‘Lint’, making it a kind of everyperson’s biography. These objects speak the language of painting, with their brushstrokes and wrinkled and frayed canvas patches, but these elements are embedded in modestly-scaled irregular patinated bronze objects which suggest sculpture and drawing too.

The titles of his works are “strings of words I’ve carried around with me”, and they provide clues to the everyday inspirations behind each piece. ‘Week’ is a pear “shaped seven times by routine”; ‘Common Problems’ refers to a foot issue which found the artist looking at medical diagrams online. The puckered craters bubbling across a scratched orb in ‘Four across 4/4’ are the answer to a crossword clue: ‘full moon’. In ‘Belch’, Griffiths has painted forms over the patinated bronze which want to fit but “can’t help but pop out.” A square patch on a convex surface becomes a ‘Sorepoint.’ These quotidian moments often give way to what Griffiths terms “art history riffs, including my backyard tinkering on suprematism” which can be seen in bronze works including ‘e2e4’ and ‘Trunk’.

As well as these small patinated bronzes, ‘Lint’ includes a number of graphite drawings made directly onto irregularly-shaped cardboard supports. Made using record and book mailers, these intuitive compositions recall those in the more labour-intensive bronze works: The toe-like protuberances in ‘Drawing 4’ echo the foot in ‘Common Problems’; A line-up of nose-shaped blobs in ‘Drawing 1’ become the black and greenish-blue pears in ‘Week’.

Opening Saturday 22 June, 4pm to 6pm.



840 Elizabeth St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia
Darren Knight Gallery


Every day, 4pm to 6pm

Saturday 22 June to Saturday 20 July 2019



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