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Lucky - 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac by Chris Chun

11 Little Pier St
Haymarket NSW 2009

Tuesday 18 February from 9am to 5pm Wednesday 19 February from 9am to 5pm Thursday 20 February from 9am to 5pm Friday 21 February from 9am to 5pm Monday 24 February from 9am to Tuesday 25 February 1am Tuesday 25 February from 9am to 5pm Wednesday 26 February from 9am to 5pm Thursday 27 February from 9am to 5pm Friday 28 February from 9am to 5pm

A sheep covered in a coat of undulating clouds lined with gold. An ox made of blue and white porcelain. A dog resplendent in the fine robe of a Chinese emperor. Welcome to the zodiac world of Australian Chinese artist Chris Chun.

Featuring the 12 animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, each animal combines traditional Asian symbolism with contemporary Western sensibilities to bring good fortune, health and happiness to their owner.

Taking inspiration from his cultural heritage, childhood memories and travels around Asia, Chris has created a colourful and engaging series of paintings that uniquely capture each personality trait of each zodiac animal.

It was inevitable that Chris would be working in a world filled with colour and pattern. Growing up in the 70s, there was big flower wallpaper in the kitchen, Marimekko curtains in the bedroom to Chinoiserie textiles and antique furniture found throughout his home. Even his Chinese name means jade, which probably explains his love of everything green!

With a degree in textile design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Chris started his career working for Bruck Textiles (furnishing) and Sheridan (bedlinen) laying a foundation of solid industry experience in design, colour, manufacturing and sales/ marketing. Living in Europe and working for several renowned textile design studios in fashion/ homewares provided Chris with a global perspective and gain a wealth of new experiences to start his own studio and to license his art worldwide.

Today, Chris divides his time between Asia and Australia collaborating around the world with other artists on various products.

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