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Raising the Bar

Julien Pollack and Petr Matous: Leveraging work networks

110 Kippax St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Wednesday 28 April from 6pm to 7pm

Leveraging work networks in the post-pandemic virtual world

We’ve learned to develop, extend and benefit from our networks in the face-to-face world but will these same habits help us to excel in a post-pandemic era, where more work is conducted virtually?

Currently endemic pre-planned Zoom calls don’t always foster the kinds of serendipitous interactions that spark spontaneous new links between people and ideas. Research has shown that a lot of our performance is based on how we can draw in distant connections to present opportunities. Many great ideas come from those we barely know but are we now in danger of letting such relationships wither on the vine?

This talk will explore the changes that a shift to virtual communication have on our social and business networks, and what this means in a professional context. We will explore ways of orchestrating serendipity for innovation, and how to rapidly build trust in teams, despite the limitations of virtual communication.


Dr. Julien Pollack - Interim Head of the John Grill Institute of Projects, University of Sydney

Julien started working in project management delivering organizational change projects. He then moved on to software, telecommunications and heavy engineering projects. He joined academia in 2011, with a focus on developing project management practice to meet the needs of ambiguous and contested projects and improving project team performance. His research draws on systems thinking, complexity theory, and change management and is regularly published in the leading international project management journals and conferences.

Dr. Petr Matous - Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services), University of Sydney

Petr uses social network research to tackle critical humanitarian, environmental and social issues. His unique methods have informed development projects in diverse communities across Asia and Africa as well as Australia, particularly those that have limited resources or that have been affected by disaster. He is also interested in using social networks to make our working lives better and our organizations more inclusive for everyone.

Also speaking at this location at 7:30pm is Claire Marshall.

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