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Key into Australia

Job search strategies for skilled migrants

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Monday 13 July from 12pm to 1pm

Maintaining career momentum is one of the toughest challenges of relocation, and the more help you have the better. Facilitated by a very experienced career coach, you will understand what you need to do, as a foreigner, to get your application through and overcome your barriers.

During an interactive discussion with Career Expert Thea Ho, you will finally get concrete answers to question such as :

-What am I not being called for interviews, what’s wrong with my applications?

-How do I get local experience?

-What is the interview etiquette in Australia?

-What do you advise about people who feel they have a strong accents?

Please feel free to email us your own questions prior to the event.

This women-only event is organized by Not-for-Profit Key Into Australia, a support network for women who have moved from overseas to start a new life in Australia. We connect women who are -more or less- new here to meet, befriend and support each other. This session is generously sponsored by the City of Sydney.

Please note the event is online and we will send you a Zoom link after registration.

About the host

Thea Ho is an experienced Career Coach specializing in helping Skilled Migrant and International Students to get the job they deserve. She trains her clients to improve their resume, their cover letter, and their soft skills to ace their interviews. She is the founder of Ace Job.

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Key into Australia


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