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Introductions: Three emerging artists

Lisa Carrett | Eunjoo Jang | Claudio Valenti

Lisa Carrett
Lisa recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), UNSW Art & Design and was shortlisted in the 2018 TWT Excellence Prize.

The origins of the sentimental notions of home appear early when, as a 16 year old, Lisa Carrett was a finalist in the 2013 Young Archies at the AGNSW with a portrait of her father.

Lisa´s paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia, a familiarity that is sympathetic to past and present, yet through, what Carrett describes as “the uncanny archives”, this familiarity can also reference darker histories.

Eunjoo Jang
Eunjoo recently completed a Master of Fine Arts, UNSW Art & Design and has been a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize, the Lethbridge 10000, the Ravenswood Australian Women´s Art prize, and the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Award. Her work was recently purchased for the Macquarie Group Collection; Art Incubator; and The City of Sydney.

“My practice explores the phenomenon of virtualization… scratch holograms represent ‘the virtual’… line drawing & painting represent the ‘physical’… they act as the ‘real’ representation…Through light reflection, some parts glow and create three-dimensional shapes on a two-dimensional surface.”

Claudio Valenti
Claudio was born in Italy, graduating with a Masters in Gregorian Chant & Choral Director, before moving to Sydney. In art, as in his music, he is driven by the suggestive rather than the immediate, depicting imaginary landscapes where texture and light play a dominating role.

“I work on the utilitarian panels that surface our ordinary environments… Using lithographic ink on melamine panel, together with a repetitious process of adding and scraping back, using only a printmaking roller, kitchen papers and scraping tools, has allowed me to blur the boundaries between painting and drawing (and), above all… to search for beauty even where it may not seem to exist…”



Wednesdays to Sundays, 11am to 5pm

Sunday 1 September to Sunday 29 September 2019


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