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Introduction to lighting

317 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ted's World of Imaging

Mondays, 6pm to 9pm Monday 3 February to Monday 6 April


Full fee: $749.00

Lighting is fundamental to photography. It defines form and texture, sets mood and can make or break a composition.

Introduction to Lighting is a highly practical 10-week course that gives participants a solid foundation in lighting techniques for both studio and location work as well as an overview of best practice in WHS.

Through demonstrations and photo-shoots you'll receive a thorough overall introduction to the key principles of lighting, equipment, terminology and techniques used commercially and in contemporary art practice.

Covering the use of available light, tungsten lamps and studio flash, participants will learn to use a range of lighting equipment and standard lighting set-ups including high key light, low key light and three light portraiture.

This course includes 2 photoshoots with a model and the use of best in industry Profoto studio lights.

Students are required to have a camera with manual controls and to be able to use their camera in Manual (M) mode and be fully conversant with Aperture, Shutter speed ISO and an understanding of lenses (Camera Craft 2 level prior knowledge).

A basic understanding of post-processing in software such as Adobe Lightroom Class or Adobe Photoshop will also be useful for participants.



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