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North Sydney Community Centre

In Conversation: Grass Roots Innovation and Sustainability


Saturday 17 April from 12pm to 1pm


Adult: $10.00

How does community action happen? What are the triumphs and the trials that drive community-led innovation: voluntary, funded, cooperative, not for profit? What are the benefits to individuals and the community? And how do these vital projects, that start out energised by passion and activism, achieve long-term sustainability whilst avoiding burnout and fatigue?

Join this conversation with Bridget Kennedy and Jo Taranto, exploring their actions, experiences and insights into grass-roots community-led projects for change. Both speakers come from a base of ecological sustainability, but the benefits of their programs and experience have been much wider reaching - building sustainable communities and relationships through climate driven action. 

It’s about bringing people together to make change. The joys of finding a group of like-minded people and working together towards a common goal, and the difficulties faced and overcome to stay motivated and optimistic.

Be inspired by the projects each of these powerhouse women of action run, find out how to get involved, and how to go about starting your own grass-roots revolution.

Bring your questions, and join the conversation. 

Free for seniors, check website for more details.

Covid-safe information

NSCC is taking the threat of Covid-19 very seriously, especially while a vaccine is still not available and many of our community members are vulnerable. It is therefore vital that everyone in our community works together to protect our most vulnerable by observing and safely carrying out all the precautionary measures available to us.

We will retain and continue to put in place safety measures against Covid-19, in accordance with NSW Health advice, restrictions and public health orders.

Tracing protocol

QR code upon entry

To help with community tracing we now require all visitors to register via the Services NSW QR code upon entry. We require you to do this every time you visit the centre throughout the term.

No smartphone? A paper sign in sheet is also available at the front door.

Attendance records

Tutors are asked to keep accurate records of attendance for every class to assist with tracing, in case of a COVID-19 outbreak at the Centre.

Hygiene & cleaning protocol Personal hygiene

We thank you in advance for maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene practices while at the Centre.

Visitors to the Centre are asked to arrive on time for their class or appointment and wait outside until invited into the space by staff or your tutor - this allows us to maintain safe maximum numbers within the Centre and avoid congestion. There is a doorbell at the front entrance.

Our class numbers have been reduced to ensure social distancing within classrooms. 

We have closed some shared facilities, like our kitchen and and tea & coffee facilities to reduce the risk of contagion through these high traffic areas.

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed at each entrance to the Centre, and in the hallways for students and staff to use frequently. Soap and hand washing facilities are available in the bathrooms. 

Mask wearing in community centres is not specifically mandated by NSW Health (Jan 14, 2021), however we at the Centre strongly encourage all visitors, staff, tutors and students to wear a mask whenever possible during your time indoors at the Centre. Masks are reported to significantly reduce the risk of contagion.

If you feel unwell, please do not attend the Centre.


At the conclusion of each class tutors and students are required to wipe down tables, chairs and equipment and surfaces used with the supplied disinfectant spray and wipes. A checklist will be provided with specific instructions for the room and equipment used, and may vary slightly according to the type of class. 

NSCC staff will also clean high traffic areas (hallway and bathroom surfaces) throughout the day to help address the risk of contact contagion. 

The Centre is cleaned thoroughly every evening after classes by our professional cleaner, who has undertaken Covid-19 training.

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North Sydney Community Centre


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