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Group exhibition of Central Coast artists

  • Lynette Bridge
  • Gavin Hurley
  • Trena Lowe
  • John Stanfield
  • Kathryn Taunton
  • Sharon Williams

• Something that makes a process or activity happen, or happen more quickly.
• It is synonymous with: momentum, propulsion, impulsion, impelling force, motive force, driving force, drive, thrust, continuing motion.

As individual artists we all aspire to work creatively in independent ways. We aim to achieve this by making artworks that respond to this ‘impetus’ – to grow out of the ways we experience the world.

The works in this show are a direct result of the ‘impetus‘ to engage with a subject and the drive it creates to see that subject become a unique force that causes something (such as a process or activity) to become a more active reality.
Individual creativity comes from the ‘impetus’ to find a ‘different way’ to realizing our ideas and thoughts. It is through this process as artists that we try not only to create things of beauty or interest but also to imbue the ways we live and create with a sense of intelligence and cognition. – John Stanfield.



Every day, 10am to 6pm

Thursday 17 May to Wednesday 23 May 2018



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