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Harbour Vibes

A conscious castle drumming experience...!

This is the first of many exciting new events from the Sydney-based Castle Tribe community! Check us and our other events here:

On this occasion, we are freaking honoured to be able to be a part of pulling together this unique and quite monumental feat of Sydney-based community connectivity.

This time, you’re invited to come gather on the always moving, pulsing, heart of this castle tribe’s home of Sydney… its harbour!

Join in doing what we do best: Music jamming, drumming, dancing, playing, basking in that harbour vibe life.

A flotilla of 3, if not more, 40 ft charter catamarans will be wrangled to provide an experience quite like nothing ever yet seen.

There will even be a rope swing off a crane into the middle of that raft up..! And the famous floating barefoot pontoon-dancefloor is being provided..!

Attendees will also be free to visit and play between the vessels, once they’re rafted up..! As long as you remember which one you arrived on, and make sure you’re on it depart!

After we’ve cheered and howled the sunset to its slumber behind Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, this massive floating circle of our own Castle-Tribe-making will then transform itself again, back to its impressive flotilla-like state, and start it’s cruise back across the harbour…

Depositing you all safely back on land whence you came, hopefully in a damn deserved state of something resembling a stunned elation…



Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia
Pick up near Rose Bay wharf


Sunday 13 October 2019 from 3.30pm to 6pm


Castle Community: $99.00

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Hashtag: #castledrumming

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