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Gyn & Tonic Pty Ltd

Gyn & Tonic: Pregnancy Planning & Fertility

62 Carr St
Coogee NSW 2034
The Living Room Coogee

Sunday 18 April from 11:30pm to Monday 19 April 4:30pm

This Gyn & Tonic retreat aims to help women understand how age can impact fertility, how contraceptive choices can affect time to pregnancy, how to navigate exploring and investigating fertility, and how to optimise wellness for fertility and pregnancy.

Australia’s fertility rates are at an all time low, and women defer pregnancy into their thirties, many can find conception more difficult than they imagined

Multiple factors combine to contribute to fertility and the ability to conceive, from lifestyle, to physiology, family history, and contraceptive choice.

The good news though, is that advanced planning can help to prepare the body and maximise chances of conception, and science now permits choice beyond the limits of age related fertility.

In this scenario, education equates to empowerment, which in turn, permits optimal preparation of the body for conception, and unlocks opportunity and choice in the fertility space.

We know time in this is critical, so in our day retreat on Pregnancy Planning & Fertility, we offer an opportunity to understand the impact of multiple factors on female physiology and fertility, give insight into how to plan and prepare for trying, and enable empowerment to navigate the options available to investigate and manage fertility.

In a nothing off the table setting, we will offer the knowledge and tools to assist you as you embark on this unique chapter

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