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Griffin Theatre Company

Green Park

301 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Every day, 7:15pm to 8:15pm Friday 5 February to Saturday 6 March

You’ve walked past it. Maybe through it. Down the end of Victoria Street, opposite St Vincent’s Hospital—Green Park. It’s picturesque by day, a little eerie by night. And it’s where Warren and Edden are meeting, as a prelude to their Grindr hook up.

One of them doesn’t look like his photo. There’s an age gap between them (but what’s a decade or three?). And one is harbouring a dangerous secret. In an hour’s time, both will leave the park profoundly transformed.

In 2021, Griffin is leaving its home at the SBW Stables and wandering down the road to the real Green Park. Outside the rotunda, audience members will be outfitted with a set of headphones. And together, they will eavesdrop on playwright Elias Jamieson Brown’s finely wrought Darlinghurst noir. To everyone else, the two men talking on a bench might not look like much. But in the gloom of the setting sun, you’ll experience a dangerous psycho-sexual collision… in a very public place.

Director & Dramaturg Declan Greene

Designer Emma White

Composer & Sound Designer David Bergman

Writing Secondment Riordan Berry

Stage Manager Isabella Kerdijk

With Joseph Althouse, Steve Le Marquand

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