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Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology Inc.

Free Q&A with a scientist

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Wednesday 30 September from 4pm to 5pm

How do we make antibodies to fight viruses? How long can antibody protection last? These are the questions everyone is asking about.

A free online Q&A session, tailored to the general public who simply want accurate answers.

It can be confusing when there are so many mixed messages out there.

Come along to our Fireside Chats, a free Q&A session where you get your questions answered, based on science.

Presented by A/Prof Elissa Deenick, internationally-renowned expert on all things antibodies and more!

We've received some interesting questions already!

  • "How do our immune systems make antibodies to fight off viruses?

  • "Is the Coronavirus mutating? What does this mean in terms of our immune system and our ability to become immunised?"

  • "How similar are the vaccine research methods worldwide?"

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Ask an Immunologist

This is a live Q&A session so feel free to type your question into the Q&A box in Zoom for our Speaker to answer!

This question will be read out by our Moderator to the Speaker.

Alternatively, jump the queue and email us your question ahead of time! Head to the registration link to find out how.

Don't have a question right now? No worries! Feel free to register and just listen in.

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Registration deadline is 12pm AEST on September 30 2020.

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Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology Inc.


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