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Blavatsky Lodge of The Theosophical Society

Foundations of Theosophy

599 Pacific Highway
St Leonards NSW 2065
Suite 8, enter via Albany Street

Every day, 6pm to 4:30pm Saturday 22 May to Sunday 5 December

An ongoing class to be held every first Saturday of the month where we will listen to and discuss Pablo Sender’s 16 part video series Foundations of Theosophy. We will have a break for refreshments at a time that suits the group and then finish with a meditation.

The content of the classes will be as follows:

  1.  Introduction to Theosophy 3 April 2021

  2.  From Chaos to Cosmos 5 June 2021

  3.  A Cyclic Model of the Universe 3 Juny 2021

  4.  The Seven Dimensions in Cosmos and Self 7 July 2021

  5.  Cosmic Evolution 7 August 2021

  6.  A Hierarchy of Beings 4 September 2021

  7.  The Human Pilgrimage 2 October 2021

  8.  Our Mission in Life 6 November 2021

  9.  Reincarnation 4 December 2021

  10.  Karma TBC

All classes are free and you are welcome to join in at at time.

Pablo Sender is a member of the Theosophical Society in Argentina. He has spent time working at the Society's international headquarters in Adyar, India and at Olcott, the center of the American Section. He has been trained as a marine biologist and has taught theosophical courses in The Secrect Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky.

Covid-safe information

We have a Covid-safe plan in place. Please use QR code or sign in upon entry and use hand sanitizer.

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Blavatsky Lodge of The Theosophical Society


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