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Australian Taiko Academy

Family Play Taiko Workshop

42 Wattle St
Ultimo NSW 2007
Taikoz Ultimo Studio. Level W4-0

Sunday 12 December from 10am to 11am


Adult: $30Child: $20

We are thrilled to continue our fun and fascinating workshop series – Family Play Taiko. This workshop has been created so all members of your family (8+ years) can experience the joy of playing taiko together. Parents and children; grandparents and grandkids; aunties, uncles and nieces, nephews – everyone is welcome!

Family Play Taiko is a unique family experience that will energise, stimulate and excite. Taiko playing requires great energy and teamwork, as well as total integration of one’s mind, body and spirit; the rhythm of the taiko pulsates through your body – its expression is primal and earthy.

Taiko playing is also great exercise. It is a musical activity that is challenging and fun, and offers wonderful benefits like reducing stress, aiding relaxation and inviting personal expression. The Taikoz members and associates who lead our workshops are all highly trained performers and teachers. Prior musical training is not a requirement.

You do not need to purchase a pair of bachi (drumsticks) to participate in this workshop. You will be given a pair to use.

Covid-safe information

Your safety is our highest priority while in attendance at the Australian Taiko Academy.

Class numbers: Class numbers to be restricted to 13 participants per class. This is to keep within the required social distancing regulations.

Arrival: Please arrive a maximum of 5mins before class to avoid a build up of people waiting outside the dojo door

Hand washing: Students must wash their hands before leaving home to travel to the dojo

Hand sanitiser: Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser to class. Hand sanitiser will also be provided at the dojo. Please use sanitiser on arrival for class and also afterwards.

Face Masks: From week two of Term 3 all students are to wear face masks during class Physical contact: No physical contact is to be made when greeting other students or during class.

Signing in: Teachers will tick off students names at the start of class, rather than students doing this themselves on arrival. In consideration of others, we recommend you have the COVID app.

Monitoring of health: Please actively monitor your own health. Any students who are unwell should not attend class and should seek medical advice.

Notification of illness: Students must notify Taikoz via email if they undertake a Covid-19 test and must not attend class until test results are obtained and the result is negative.

Please click here to download our full COVID Safety policy.

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