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Improv Theatre Sydney

Emotional Release Yoga

44-54 Botany Rd
Alexandria NSW 2015
Improv Theatre Sydney

Saturdays, 4pm to 5:30pm Saturday 26 September to Saturday 24 October

Emotional and mental disease and suffering often stem from the fact that we have disconnected ourselves from our bodily sensations, emotion processing and thought pattern awareness.

We numb, we run away, we bury. Our emotions turn into an overwhelming pile that keeps growing every day. This program teaches you to process and let go of painful stuff straight away, without generating the usual mess of unprocessed feelings.

ERY is a unique blend of gentle yoga (restorative and yin), essential oils, reiki, mantra, breathwork, mindfulness, cognitive work, and healing letter writing. It is the Konmari of emotional de-cluttering. This course will help increase bodily and emotional awareness and intellect (BQ / EQ), and finally, release emotions and gain clarity about your true purpose in life.

What will you learn in these 5 sessions:

  • How to feel the emotion and identify areas in the body where it plays up

  • Become aware of emotions’ influence on our breathing and mind

  • Make the first steps in understanding and positively processing your emotions

  • Necessary props: mats, bolsters (cushions), blocks

About Madina

Born in Kazakhstan, matured in The Netherlands and now residing in Sydney, Madina is a senior yoga teacher and yoga teacher mentor. She is an author of Emotional Release Yoga, her signature program that teaches to embrace and release emotions through the means of yoga postures, breathing, mindfulness and cognitive work. Madina teaches yoga in-person and through her Online Yoga Community platform.

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