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Eleanor Louise Butt solo exhibition

Surface Grip

Eleanor Louise Butt’s paintings are process led, employing a personal language of recurring shapes, negative space and distinctive colour. Forms and gestures interact, generating relationships and mnemonic narratives.

Through this ongoing investigation of material and archetypes, Eleanor adopts the potentialities of paint to create surfaces where action, experience, perception and memory are interwoven and folded back into one another.

The surface of each painting becomes a charged space through the use of coarse linen and hessian and are often saturated with an iconic yellow hue. What then follows is an intuitive process of applying and removing paint, pouring, rubbing and layering, all situated within a unique language of figure-ground dynamics.

Through these actions, Eleanor’s canvases become diaristic sites for posing questions and receiving answers whilst generating agency through an intimate and reciprocal relationship between artist and object.

Opening drinks:

Saturday 7 September, 3-5pm



Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm
Sundays, 1pm to 5pm

Wednesday 4 September to Sunday 29 September 2019

Opening drinks: Saturday 7 Septemner, 3 to 5pm



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