E-waste drop-off day

Help us keep electronic waste out of landfill and recycle unwanted electronic goods

Produced by the City of Sydney

Australians generate more than 650,000 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) each year and most of it ends up in landfill.

E-waste is mostly recyclable and disposing it in landfill results in a loss of valuable resources such as aluminium, gold, copper, silver and others.

Recycling your e-waste not only reduces the need for mining of new resources to produce new products, but also the potential impacts to land and waterways due to the toxic materials contained in e-waste if disposed of in landfill.

To keep recyclable e-waste out of landfill, the City of Sydney offers free quarterly drop-off days.

What to expect

Our team will greet you when you pull up – we can even remove your items while you wait in your vehicle. Prepare your items by placing them in a sturdy bag or box for easy retrieval from the boot of your car.

What to bring

Computers – desktops, monitors, laptops and printers
Home office equipment – photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, servers, projectors, DVD players and video recorders
Computer peripherals such as joysticks
Electronic components
Phones – mobiles and landlines
Small kitchen appliances
Power tools – drills, circular saws and power boards, electric lawnmowers, electric trimmers, electric leaf blowers (and no gas-powered items, please).

Items we can’t accept

White goods
Hazardous waste – chemicals, paints and pesticides
Car batteries
Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

Household batteries, fluorescent tubes and energy saving light globes (CFLs) can be dropped off at our libraries and customer service centres during opening hours.

City of Sydney residents can have their broken, obsolete and unwanted electronics collected from their home with our free pick-up service. Bookings are essential.



Saturday 8 February 2020 from 9am to 3pm



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