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Sydney City Farm

DIY garden fertiliser webinar with Compostable Kate

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Tuesday 20 June from 7pm to 8pm

In this webinar compost coach Compostable Kate takes us beyond compost to share sustainable gardening tips gleaned from traditional practices of natural farmers around the world.

Kate will demonstrate simple DIY recipes for making chemical free fertilisers with worm castings, eggshells and weeds. And it won’t cost you much to try making these recipes at home.

This webinar uses the Zoom online video meeting application. A meeting link will be emailed to participants the day before the class. 

What you will learn;

  • How to make a DIY worm tower for a garden bed or container.

  • Mixing extracts and brews with worm castings to boost plant health

  • DIY recipe for soluble calcium extract made with eggshells

  • DIY recipe for liquid fertiliser made from weeds or garden waste

Presented by Compostable Kate for Sydney City Farm

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