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Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures: Online social

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Tuesday 25 May from 7pm to 9pm


Starting from: $15

Finding people to have enjoyable, meaningful conversation with is not easy - especially online. However, we’re delighted to have found a solution that’s serving a large community of people, and growing all the time.

At our Socials (that we run online and in-person), we divide you into small groups, then give you a structured conversation game to play. It has the capacity to cut through the usual social norms that hold us back, and deliver us some very real and interesting connections with other people.

We’ve discovered that these events are in many ways better in the online format. They’re easier to get to, they’re quieter and therefore more personal, and they allow for interactions with people outside of your geographical area. We run different versions for different sub-communities and identities.

Once you’ve logged on, we’ll show you a short training video, then break you into a group of about five people. One person asks a question, which each person answers, and then it's the next person's turn to ask a question. This deceptively simple little game (along with a few mechanisms we’ve added to help it flow well) is at times profound, funny, intriguing, and surprising. It's a profoundly efficient and enjoyable way to hang out with other people.

After you've been in that group for about an hour, we'll have a break, and then put you in with a second group of people, also for about an hour.

At the end of the Social, if you've connected with someone and would like to offer to share your details, we have a safe, easy, and totally optional way for you to do that. 

As at October 2020, we're running 6 versions of this event:

  • The ‘public’ version is for everyone - choose this one by default.

  • There’s a version for people that are interested in non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships.

  • There’s a version for folks that identify as queer, non-binary, trans, or a-gendered.

  • There’s a version for neurodivergent folks (inc. ASD) and allies.

  • There’s a version for folks that are interested in kink, bdsm, or fetishes

  • The ‘Curiosity’ version is only for people that have done the ‘Curiosity’ workshop.

At Socials, you’re welcome to enjoy a glass or 2 of alcohol.

Facilitator/s: Roger Butler or Tess

Version: Public - all welcome!

Online Social is presented by Roger Butler or Tess. Rog has been the principal facilitator and driving force behind Curious Creatures for nine years. Their training is in sexuality, facilitation, and counselling, and they’re easily one of Australia’s most prolific sexuality facilitators. Tess is an experienced facilitator in sexuality and self-development, and has been co-facilitating for Curious Creatures for over three years. They’re also a qualified occupational therapist with a deep passion for, and experience working in, sexuality in neurological rehabilitation and disability, in community and clinical settings.

Find out more about Rog, Tess and the team:

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Curious Creatures


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