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Chippopotamus! Fusing rock, jazz, surf, dub, metal music

87-91 Abercrombie St
Chippendale NSW 2008
The Chippo Hotel

Thursday 19 May from 7:30pm to 11:55pm

Bone crunching indie-death-jam-psych-jazz-skwee-digi-bop-swingcore-hell-free-dance-electro-future-power-glam-hop.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, THE NEE HIGH MUSH are a wild trio with a unique fusion of jazz, grunge, surf and electro influences.

“The sounds span from moody, sombre moments to retro dance grooves designed to get you moving… The core of the music is undoubtedly jazz, yet here are three musicians who love to perform it in their very own unique way, and that is always an incredibly refreshing experience.” - 

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Dave Carr’s Fabulous Contraption

Progressive folk with hard edges.

A living, breathing machine constructed from modern jazz, balkan folk and progressive rock. For bandleader Dave Carr, this performance marks an exciting return after a decade-long hiatus.

"Dave Carr's Fabulous Contraption found the heavy-metal implications in anything from flamenco to Americana" - John Shand, Syd. Morning Herald



Rocking for energy, progging for musicality, dubbing for joy.

Sydney trio Recalibrate combine heavy prog riffs with sparse dub groves with and bursts of angular punk.

“Closing the gap between King Crimson and King Tubby”

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Prog Dylan

Prog Rock? Prog Metal? Jazz Metal? Prog Fusion? No. PURE untamed energy!

“…full of odd twists and turns that upset any expectations you may have… They have a restless, unsettling energy that channels punk, metal, jazz and the kitchen sink, to end up sounding like a mix of math-core titans Rolo Tomassi, jamming with King Crimson and The Mars Volta.” - Martin Burns,

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