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Beginner's Kintsugi workshop

402 Clarence St
Sydney NSW 2000

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to Sundays, 10:30am to 12:30pm Monday 10 October to Wednesday 21 December

Learn about the wonderful art of Kintsugi at our beginner workshops in Sydney. Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer, with gold, platinum or silver, which dates back to 15th century Japan.

The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken; however, this is part of its life, and rather than throwing it away it can be repaired and have its cracks remain to show its history and story.

This is a beautiful art to learn while also helping with sustainability, as you are not throwing things away!

This beginners Kintsugi class uses an original technique designed by Kintsugi Australia to make it easy for anyone to use the Modern Kintsugi technique, especially for those who live in Australia.

In this class, you will learn some of the basic techniques using modern materials such as epoxy glue and putty. We will explain where you can get the materials. You can buy almost all materials in local stores in Australia. So once you have completed this class, you will be able to repair your own objects at home.

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