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Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds: girls aged 8 - 12

Bay St
Double Bay NSW 2028
The Bay Room

Sunday 4 December from 11am to 4pm

A one-day experience specially designed for pre-teen girls to help them discover who they are while imparting practical life skills, wrapped up in fun and inspiration.

This experience focuses on helping pre-teens with self-esteem, confidence, building resilience, dealing with changing friendship groups, their changing bodies and more.

All content has been created by our recommended psychologists and world leading experts that hail from Harvard and Stanford University. And while the girls will come away with some very valuable tools which will help them become more life-ready, it’s also just about having fun around like-minded girls. Glitter bombs, flower crowns, colours, products and trinkets which they can take home and remember for the rest of their lives.

A magical one-day well-being experience is perfect for pre-teen girls aged 8-12 and designed to help with all the key things they’re dealing with today.

Beautiful Minds is an international company on a mission to maximize human potential, help make them life-ready and awesome. Read more about us our international board.

Numbers are very limited. Every educator is a professional in their field which makes this workshop really exciting and inspirational for the girls – one she will remember for life.

The day is broken into 6 sessions:

  • Introduction & Ice-breaker

  • Voice + movement + confidence

  • Friendship session

  • Mental wellbeing tools 

  • The 3Ps and puberty - in conjunction with Cottoms

  • Mindful creative session

  • Summary and 'that's a wrap'

Without the right tools and strategies we find girls this age can:

  • Easily feel anxious and overwhelmed

  • Often get ‘sick’ and resistant to attending school sometimes

  • Have trouble sleeping and start to become a fussy eater

  • Show more obvious signs of stress and anxiety including fidgeting, restlessness, short-temper, inability to focus or relax

  • Start to obsess over their self-image

  • Overuse cell phones or use as a comfort device

  • Avoiding opening up and having particular conversations with you which she needs to have

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