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Rest in pieces

Baby Chick Taxidermy workshop

Work-Shop Sydney
Work-Shop Sydney
Corner Cleveland Street and Eveleigh Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Saturday 27 February from 10am to 9pm


Starting from: $650.00

Rest in Pieces invites you to attend an introductory, hands-on workshop where you can explore the fascinating age-old practice of taxidermy. 

Rest in Pieces newest team member, Roshana Vander Wall, will share her knowledge of the dying arts so you can begin your journey into the art of taxidermy: taxis, meaning ‘arrangement’ and derma, meaning ‘skin’.

You don’t need to have any previous taxidermy experience to take part in this workshop. Roshana will teach you basic chick anatomy while guiding you through the correct process of skinning, preserving and mounting your specimen.

There are different techniques used for mounting mammals and birds in taxidermy. In this workshop, you will learn the traditional torso building technique of soft body wrapping to mount (recreate) the body of your baby chick. You will also learn how to preserve the chick’s feet with injections.

At the end of the workshop you will have created your own beautiful baby chick taxidermy from start to finish. To end the day, we will help you mount your baby chick in a glass dome, so you can display your gorgeous work with confidence.

Covid-safe information

Masks and hand sanitiser will be made available. Masks must be worn when socially distancing cant be maintained at 1.5m

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