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Artificial intelligence explained

Discover the truth about this world-changing technology in this free 1-hour chat

Want to know what artificial intelligence (AI) means for your future?

AI is already helping us to fight cancer, improve healthcare and free up our time by completing some of the menial tasks that dominate our lives. But do we have anything to fear?

Join local AI expert Alasdair Hamilton to explore this world-changing technology.¬ As CEO of Remi, a company that specialises in helping businesses solve complex problems with artificial intelligence, Alasdair has worked on a unique range of projects. From the world’s first companion robot for sick children to pedestrian tracking solutions, he has incredible experience with this fascinating technology.

In just 1 hour you’ll get a better understanding of what AI is and the potential, limits and risks of using it, including:

  • What AI means for our future – do we really have reason to fear it?
  • How AI is already being used today to improve our lives and make businesses more efficient.
  • Movies vs reality: what AI is really capable of and its many limitations.
  • The complicated ethics of AI.

This free event is for curious people from all backgrounds and you won’t need any technical knowledge to enjoy it. There will be opportunities for discussion and questions.

Alasdair Hamilton
Alasdair is the CEO of Remi, a Sydney and San Francisco-based studio that helps businesses solve complex problems with artificial intelligence.

Alasdair is passionate about AI’s potential to make businesses smarter, but at the same time always mindful of the technology’s limitations and risks.

Recently, Remi has partnered with ikkiworks to develop the AI language component of Ikki, the world’s first companion robot for sick children, developed right here in Sydney.

Speaker provided by Spark Festival.

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Tuesday 24 September 2019 from 6pm to 7pm


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