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Our Race

Transformational Ethical Storytelling Webinar and Workshop

See event description for details on how to connect
The zoom link to access the Webinar and Workshop will be sent to registered attendees one week before the event.

Wednesday 15 July from 9:30am to 10:30am Wednesday 22 July from 9:30am to 1:30pm Tuesday 4 August from 1pm to 2pm Tuesday 11 August from 1pm to 5pm

This workshop, delivered over two sessions, is an engaging and interactive program designed to better understand the importance of transformational ethical storytelling.

These workshops focus on developing racial literacy and leadership through a storytelling lens.

These workshops are developed based on the “Anti-racism Counterstorytelling Framework.” This has been developed by the Our Race team through a combination of academic research and anti-racism and storytelling practice.

The premise of this theory and the practice associated with it, are to shift the balance of power of storytelling where it becomes person and community-centred. This allows for people of colour and other marginalised groups to control their own stories, rather than play their part in a performative narrative.

Further, we include themes of anti-racism from a critical lens, where participants are required to reflect on their own positions and actions with the aim of improving our approaches to anti-racism and storytelling.

The two sessions we have developed are complimentary and therefore it is a pre-requisite that participants attend the first session to be able to attend the second session.

NB: Make sure you select 2 tickets for the 2-part workshop.

We are offering the following options:

Schedule 1: July

Session 1: Webinar / Wed 15 July

Session 2: Workshop / Wed 22 July

Schedule 2: August

Session 1: Webinar / Tue 4 August

Session 2: Workshop / Tue 11 August

The two sessions will include the following:

Session 1 will be a webinar format. It will include a presentation and discussion on the Anti-Racism Counterstorytelling theory and approach. This will run for one hour and be filmed

Session 2 will be a facilitated discussion which will include Our Race practitioners of storytelling and anti-racism. We will guide this conversation using interactive exercises to better understand storytelling and how using an effective framework can result in anti-racism action. We will also discuss how using story effectively can improve conversations on race and racism in the workplace. This session will run for between 3.5 hours.

Target Audiences

This workshop is targeted at practitioners who are involved in the design and development of stories and leaders who work with culturally diverse teams. The storytelling model we use takes a counterstorytelling approach and therefore the audiences who will achieve most from this workshop are those who tell stories of culture, ethnicity, religion, race and racism.

Roles we have identified who would most benefit from these workshops include:

  • Storytellers

  • Facilitators of storytelling

  • Community workers and managers

  • Communications and marketing specialists and managers

  • Managers working with culturally diverse teams

  • Leaders with a focus on transformational anti-racism approaches

Program Aims

  1. Develop a framework to improve storytelling practices

  2. Improve understanding into the powers and impacts of storytelling

  3. Identify and share best practices for transformational counterstorytelling

  4. Build participants skills in talking about race and racism within the workplace

  5. Improve racial literacy

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Our Race


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