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Adventure Clues

Solve a series of cryptic clues on your mobile that take you on an interactive adventure around the city

Adventure Clues is the new fun way to explore Sydney

A fun self-guided scavenger hunt game. Uncover secret spots in the city by solving a series of cryptic clues on your mobile.

It’s the perfect day out with friends or family, a great idea for a date, fun for the solo adventurer and awesome as a team building event!

With adventure clues you will:
• Explore the least walked path in Sydney and learn the incredible backstories
• Uncover the hidden gems such as amazing art installations
• Think like as a wizard as you try to solve the clues
• Be taken past some of the coolest speakeasy bars the city has to offer and stop off for optional refreshments
• Score points and challenge for the top spot on our leader board

How Adventure Clues works:
1. Select the trail that suits you and register your team details online
2. Receive your email instantly and head to the start location
3. Click the play button to begin (anytime within 30 days) and away you go on your first clue!
4. Hints are available if you ever get a bit stuck

Secret Sydney – In this trail you are assigned as private detectives and your mission is to solve the 15 clues to uncover Sydney’s hidden lane ways. Many people (including the locals) who do this trail are surprised to find such secrets hidden away in plain view of the city

Duration 2-3 hours

Can be played at all times but if you fancy hopping into a speakeasy along the way then the best time to do the trail is after 4:00pm

Optimal team numbers 2-4 players. Play against another team add at checkout

Refer to the Adventure Clues website for more information.

“Adventure Clues was heaps fun! Really easy going, fun for all ages and educational. I would recommend it for fun days out in the city”



Weekdays, 8.30am to 9pm
Saturdays, 10.30am to 9pm
Sundays, 11.15am to 4.45pm

Monday 11 February to Monday 18 February 2019

Runs daily until Monday 11 March 2018


Price per team: $35.00

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Hashtag: #adventureclues

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