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Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Adès, Illean & Debussy


Thursday 4 November from 7pm to 8pm

With 'Polaris', we open to the sounds of a night sky twinkling with the infinite. It’s a piece that perfectly showcases one of the modern stars of music, British composer Thomas Adès.

From night skies it’s onto the sparkling sounds of Lisa Illean and Claude Debussy.

Illean’s Land’s End captures the ever-changing nature of the sea through subtle and gentle music that rolls like waves. A musical Monet, Debussy paints his own delicate impression of the sounds of the sea. Feel the breeze ruffle the ocean as bright young talent Finnegan Downie Dear takes us on a voyage through starlight and salt spray.

  • Natalie Nicolas The Take Off*

  • Thomas Adès Polaris

  • Lisa Illean Land’s End

  • Debussy La Mer

*Natalie Nicolas' The Take Off was made possible through the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's 50 Fanfares Project and was commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, supported by the Sharon & Anthony Lee Foundation.

  • Finnegan Downie Dear conductor

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