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Adapting climate science for business

The final installment of the Business Making of Climate Change discusses how climate science can help business.

Climate science and the models it uses to project climatic changes over the 21st century were designed to answer big picture policy questions at the global scale. As a consequence, climate models don’t typically factor in the interactions between longer-term climatic trends and local scale events, such as weather systems, human populations or local government planning.

So just how can science be adapted to answer the questions businesses wants to know? For example, how can scientists advise a company whether a particular piece of infrastructure at a specific address is likely to be rendered useless because of a cyclone in 2030? The scientists in this final panel will take us through the ways in which they are assisting a variety of business sectors in answering such questions. They will explain where the science is at – what it is capable of and what it is not yet capable of – and discuss the opportunities and challenges they face in working with the business community.



Wednesday 19 June 2019 from 6pm to 7.30pm


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