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3-week virtual work from home challenge

See event description for details on how to connect

Every day, 10:30am to 5:30pm Monday 25 May to Friday 12 June

This is a way to reach new people and connect every day, to be productive and stay accountable, and to celebrate whatever wins come your way while staying home.

  • A virtual baked-good brekkie party and intro (everyone loves brekkie, right?)

  • Daily 2-hour virtual working sprints, plus structured breaks

  • Digital weekly work planner with daily action items to keep you motivated

  • Weekly workshops with FRANKLY CO expert partners (think, feeling good and getting ahead).

  • After-WFH virtual Friday drinks.

  • Access to private Slack group for support, connection, and follow up.

  • Chance to make new mates and create professional relationships.

  • Join the Podcast Club

  • Opportunity to win a Frankly Co prize pack 

How it works:

Daily calls: 10.30am to 12.30pm: Every day is an opportunity for social connection. We host intro chats, breaks, and goal setting plans. (Also, introverts are totally welcome. No-one is expected to talk, except the hosts.)

Daily work sprints: After putting your "what I'm working on today" into the Zoom chatbox, it's quiet time to get into the flow and get shit done. Frankly Co hosts will set the timer, supply the playlist, and get to work too.

The weekly planner: Whether you're working on you, your business, or your work to-do list, this digital planner is created to make it easier to prioritise and includes feel-good tips and suggestions, too.

Wednesday workshops: 10.45am: We've reached out to some of our favourite experts to run workshops for the group. These are all centred around feeling damn good and working damn hard. Think, aligning your ambition, figuring out how to pitch yourself to the media, understanding the philosophy and mechanics behind meditation, and how to nourish you, through stir-crazy times.

Why? It was an optimistic start. Then, the sock drawer called to be sorted and we realised we needed to go to the shops again. Working from home, whether being paid for it or not, is well, different, right now. Staying accountable while remembering to brush your teeth in the morning is hard. Not meeting up with people is sad. And self-care? What’s that again?

This is a way to bring a group of women together each day, to feel productive, be held accountable, and if nothing else, to have a reason to get dressed in the mornings.

  • Stay accountable

  • Create routine

  • Make connections

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