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Sydney Climate Action Summit calls on Australia to take action

From the local level and with 94 world cities, the Sydney Climate Action Summit plans for real collective change.

The Sydney Climate Action Summit has been postponed.

In the wake of this summer’s extreme weather conditions, the City of Sydney is calling on mayors across Australia to take urgent climate action.

From 31 March to 2 April, the Sydney Climate Action Summit will kick off a program for measurable climate outcomes.

The recent bushfires and extreme weather events are what scientists warned us would happen. Insurance companies are now refusing to cover property in areas affected by climate change-fuelled natural disasters. This presents a major challenge to local governments across the country.

We need to transition to a low carbon economy to protect our communities from climate-driven natural disasters. The Sydney Climate Action Summit will showcase the best examples of councils transitioning to net zero carbon emissions and sustainable water and waste.

Real climate change action cannot happen in isolation. The summit will be an opportunity for city and regional mayors around the country to work together across political lines.

The City of Sydney is holding the summit in partnership with C40 Cities, comprising 96 of the world’s biggest cities. This initiative assembles cities around the world to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and avoid catastrophic climate change.

Together, we’ll share strategies and work to influence national and international policy agendas.

The Sydney Climate Action Summit will hold a number of public and invitation-only events:

Student dialogue forum on climate change

Tuesday 31 March 8am to 2pm Invitation only

High school children and a number of mayors will attend a workshop about our future in the climate emergency. Students will present their thoughts on:

  • the daily actions we can take to reduce our environmental impact
  • how we can make sure all living things have a place on our planet
  • how can we reshape our local economies and use less resources
  • how communities can deal with natural disasters
  • what should be done to make sure young people have a voice.

CityTalks: local action in a hostile climate

Tuesday 31 March 6.30pm to 8pm In partnership with the University of Sydney

To launch the summit, we’re hosting a free CityTalk event in partnership with the University of Sydney. Leaders from across Australia and the world will discuss what Australia should do. Economist and author Ross Garnaut and Professor Michael Mann will join a panel of experts who will present their plans on working together towards a better future.

Mayors and citizens summit: local action in a hostile climate

Wednesday 1 April 9am to 1pm

This event brings together Australian and international mayors to share their examples of local action on climate change. It builds on Melbourne’s National Climate Emergency Summit, which achieved 1,335 declarations of commitment across 26 countries.

This event is an important opportunity to share information about practical actions to increase resilience against future disasters.

Sydney climate action summit expo

Wednesday 1 April 10am to 6pm

This science-fair expo will showcase the latest in climate technology. A room full of innovators will also share their knowledge at lightning talks and workshops. You'll find diverse responses to climate change and meet leaders who are already making climate-transformative actions a regular part of life.