E-waste drop-off days - recycle your tvs, computers & more

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E-waste drop-off days - recycle your tvs, computers & more

produced by City of Sydney

Do you have broken TVs, monitors, computers and mobile phones that you no longer want or need? If you are a City of Sydney resident, you can recycle them for free by dropping them off at our quarterly e-waste recycling days. No booking is required.

2012 Collection dates
- Sunday 4 March
- Sunday 3 June
- Sunday 9 September
- Sunday 2 December

What’s the problem with e-waste?
E-waste is electronic waste and can contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury which can leach into waterways and cause irreparable environmental and human harm when sent to landfill . In Australia, E-waste is growing at three times the rate of ordinary household waste. Australians generate 140,000 tonnes of e-waste each year.

What items can be dropped off?
- All computer parts
- Cameras
- CDs and DVDs and tapes
- Cordless tools (eg drills)
- Desktops
- DVD players
- Electronic components
- Electronic games
- Fax machines
- Floppy disks and CD drives
- Hairdryers
- Household batteries
- Joysticks
- Landline phones
- Laptops
- Lead acid batteries
- Microwaves
- Mobile phones
- Monitors
- Network equipment
- Photocopiers
- Printers
- Projectors
- Scanners
- Servers
- Speakers
- Switching gear
- Televisions
- Vacuum cleaners
- Video recorders

Items not accepted
- Car batteries
- Fluorescent tubes and energy savings light globes
- Hazardous waste, like chemicals, paints and pesticides
- Smoke alarms

Bring along: ID and proof of address.

If you are bringing small or easy-to-carry items, we encourage you to walk, cycle or take public transport to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

Recycling e-waste is important
Recycling saves energy and precious natural resources like water, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. Around 95 per cent of all E-waste collected on the day will be reycled.

To help Australia keep E-waste out of landfill, the City supports a national scheme for managing electronic waste – where producers are responsible for recycling products at the end of their useful life. Get on board and join the
Total Environment Centre’s campaign

If your electronic items still function safely, you should consider donating them to charity or finding them a new home through organisations such as Oz Recycle before opting for recycling.

To find out more about recycling e-waste at other locations, go to www.recyclingnearyou.org.au

Event Snapshot


  • On Sunday 02 December from 09.00 to 15.00


Bay Street Depot, Corner of Bay Macarthur Streets (entry through Macarthur Street only) Ultimo 2007 Venue details



More Info:

City of Sydney
02 9265 9333

How to get to this event:

Call 131 500 or visit www.131500.com.au

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Bay Street Depot, Corner of Bay Macarthur Streets (entry through Macarthur Street only) Ultimo 2007


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