Brazil Film Festival

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Brazil Film Festival

Experience the images, sounds, scents and flavours of Brazil through cinema

Brazil Film Festival brings us the best and most awarded of Brazilian film productions. This year the Festival is having its 4th edition in all state capital of the Australian mainland: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


6.30pm Tue 19 Feb – Hoyts Entertainment Quarter
Opening Night Lounge Brazil Party
following screening of Heleno

6.15pm Wed 20 Feb – Hoyts Entertainment Quarter
Green Cross Australia Sustainability Panel discussion
following RioLife screening of Amazonia Eterna

8.00pm Fri 1 Mar – Hoyts Entertainment Quarter
Closing Night Rock Brazil Party
following screening of Heleno


“A highly unusual football film, shot in black and white with a self-conscious artistry, a languid portrait of a genius seduced into oblivion by his own demons and by the temptations of the Rio de Janeiro of the 40s.” – The Guardian

The Amazon hosts the world’s richest reserve of biodiversity and biocomplexity and some of the poorest people on earth. Can the environment be preserved without sacrificing the lives of its traditional custodians?

One family amongst 200,000 Brazilians who sort through 125,281t of household rubbish every day to sell it for recycling.

No money or support from friends or family, Gil meets Otávio, a man tormented by the past. In each other, the two men found happiness, but life has its own ways of blindsiding destiny.

Edgar had a cushy life of video gaming and porn surfing. Why does he now want to get involved with favela thugs, major São Paulo
gangsters, greedy lawyers and corrupt congressmen?

“People think that to be a mulata it’s enough to put on a g-string and samba away” (Ana Pérola, Escola Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel). “Being a mulata is in
the blood. You’re born with it.” (Rose Bombom, Escola Grande Rio)

Leo, Norberto and Paula are much more than friends. They are mates, lovers, each other’s life companions. They follow their heart to Brazil’s southern beaches, where they test the limits of their bond.

“Effortlessly provokes thoughts on inequality, satisfaction and oblivion”. LA Weekly

An unexpected love triangle. Murilo is in love with his flatmate, the Argentinian musician Juan. Juan won’t have him, and much prefers his best friend, the serious doctor Carmen. She is not holding back. Will São Paulo’s visceral twists and turns save their relationships?

Who says we have to accept what is resented to us by destiny? Having only a few hours left before leaving to Norway, Julio takes Ana on a journey through the streets of São Paulo, visiting hidden and less known pots, places that once nurtured their love and will now help its rebirth.

Dante is interned as a schizophrenic at a psychiatric hospital in Porto Alegre. He talks to no one, and seems oblivious to the world. Dr Paula, suspects otherwise, and ends up uncovering the plot that stands behind his illness.

Event Snapshot


  • Between Tuesday 19 February and Friday 01 March from 06.30 to 00.00


The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd Moore Park 2021 Venue details


Adult: $19.00
Senior: $11.50
Opening Night Screening of Heleno: $45
Closing Night Screening of Two Rabbits: $30

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BrazilFoundation Australia

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From Circular Quay: Routes 373, 374, 376, 377, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399 | From Martin Place, St James & Museum: Routes 339, 373, 374, 376, 377, 391, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399 | From Railway Square: Routes 372, 393, 395 | From Central (Eddy Avenue): Routes 339, 372, 374, 376, 391, 393, 395 | From Bondi Junction, Newtown & Marrickville: Route 355 | Bondi Explorer: customers should alight at Stop 16

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The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd Moore Park 2021


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