Living in Harmony Festival 2013

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Living in Harmony Festival 2013

produced by City of Sydney

Celebrate the city’s cultural diversity

Discover and experience Sydney’s rich cultural diversity at the annual Living in Harmony Festival. Together with many community organisations, the City will provide opportunities for residents to discover and experience diverse cultures over the next two months. The Festival program includes tours which explore Sydney’s multi-cultural heritage, cultural days, talks, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions.

Full program of events are listed below.. enjoy what the City has to offer this Living in Harmony Festival

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  • Between Friday 01 March and Tuesday 30 April from 00.00 to 00.05


Sydney CBD, George Street Sydney 2000 Venue details



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City of Sydney
02 9265 9333

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Call 131 500 or visit

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Sydney CBD, George Street Sydney 2000


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