Little Darlings Night Owls Kids Film Fest

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Little Darlings Night Owls Kids Film Fest

Launching on 7 January 2013 and continuing until 22 January, Night Owls is Australia’s only free public kids’ film festival and, with programming that includes such family favourites as Toy Story, Night at the Museum and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the two-week event promises to deliver the rare kind of delight that spans generations.

“After a huge success last year, we are thrilled to again host the festival right here at Darling Quarter. It’s a really wonderful way for the whole family to spend a quality evening out together, and entirely for free,” says Abigail Campion of Darling Quarter.

Not only does Night Owls 2013 include everything Sydney loved about the festival’s inauguration, but it also boasts new elements that will make for an even more dynamic experience. Proud to be partnering with Australia’s major children’s short film festival Little Big Shots, Night Owls will feature a fifteen-minute showcase of short films at the beginning of each night of the festival’s duration. The films, some of which have been produced by children, include local and international shorts, animations and documentaries.

On Sunday 20 January, Night Owls will depart from its usual programming, with a 90 minute screening of Little Big Shot’s best films, including the critically acclaimed British animation, The Gruffalo’s Child. Festival Director Ben Laden will open the evening and host a Q&A session after the screening.

Laden says, “We’re so excited to be able to bring these films to the Darling Quarter this year as part of Night Owls 2013. We’re looking forward to providing free films that are entertaining, inspiring, meaningful, and something that the whole family can enjoy together.”

Not to exclude the bigger kids in the audience, Night Owls includes After Hours screenings each Friday and Saturday night of classics Cinema Paradiso, The Artist, Casablanca and Chocolat.

Having witnessed some major developments throughout 2012, including the launch of public art precinct OPEN and the establishment of the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Darling Quarter is swiftly becoming Sydney’s cultural hub. Set against the dazzling backdrop of Luminous, Darling Quarter’s celebrated and award winning interactive digital façade, and with Australia’s largest playground and an array of eateries just moments away from the Village Green, Night Owls is more than just a film festival. Each evening is an opportunity to revel in the sweetness of summer evenings spent in the high-spirited company of the people you love, the surprise of new experience, and the comforting nostalgia of classic cinematic moments.

With affordable snacks available from the many eateries at Darling Quarter, nightly t-shirt giveaways, and a technicolour program of entertainment that includes Night Owls and the January School Holidays Free Entertainment program, Darling Quarter is looking forward to playing host to you and your family this January. All you need to bring is a picnic blanket and a collection of your favourite people, and Night Owls 2013 will take care of the rest as you savour your holiday mode just a little bit longer.

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  • Between Monday 07 January and Tuesday 22 January from 06.30 to 00.00


Darling Quarter, 1 Harbour Street Sydney 2000
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Darling Quarter
Cardinal Spin
02 8065 7363

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Call 131 500 or visit

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Darling Quarter, 1 Harbour Street Sydney 2000


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