Virtual Warrane II: Sacred Tracks of the Gadigal

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Virtual Warrane II: Sacred Tracks of the Gadigal

Virtual Warrane II

The Gadigal people, original custodians of this beautiful land around the Sydney Harbour, hunted, gathered and celebrated “Warrane.”
“Warrane” is a Gadigal name for Sydney Cove. Through advanced simulation, you can now experience what this place was like before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. You will see this spectacular natural environment as it was imagined. Follow animals that roamed the foreshores and the scrub and learn what bush foods were harvested as well as the ways the Gadigal used natural resources to prepare food, medicines and sustained their lifestyle. This immersive heritage tool provides an opportunity to immerse you in their traditions, customs and heritage.

The authenticity of Virtual Warrane II is achieved through the presentation of the knowledge and stories of the Gadigal, drawn from the original accounts of their descendants. This is supplemented by historical accounts, original artworks and specialist research. You can share in the stories been passed from generation to generation, since time immemorial.

It is a great honour and privilege for the Creative Director and project partners to present the diversity and richness of the Gadigal culture and their heritage. It’s exciting to showcase this using this immersive heritage tool. We hope you enjoy the “Virtual Warrane II” experience – and not get lost paddling your “navi” around the deep azure waters of Sydney Harbour.

About Brett Leavy
Brett Leavy is an established Indigenous multimedia producer and is highly respected within the academic, cultural, business and Indigenous sectors. He has also developed the Barani and Cadigal Wangal websites for CoS, a descendant of the Kooma people, General Manager for National Indigenous Radio Service, Representative for the World Indigenous Association and Board Member for the Australian Indigenous Communications Association.

“Virtual Warrane II: Scared Tracks of the Gadigal aims to teach the user how Sydney was before the arrival of the First Fleet. This is my artistic impression of what Sydney might have been like. The concrete of this city was built upon a place that, for the Gadigal people and their neighbours, held a deep spiritual connection that continues to this present day. I hope that this application helps educators and teachers to explore the potential of immersive heritage environments to inspire the inquiring minds of their students.”

Project Overview
Brett Leavy’s ‘Virtual Warrane’is an interactive computer generated visualisation of Sydney Harbour provides a fascinating and intriguing insight into how the Gadigal people lived harmoniously in Sydney harbour for thousands of years before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

The simulation provides an immersive heritage experience with the traditional owners. Brett tells the story of where local people once paddled their canoes in azure blue waters of Sydney Harbour, fished the abundant sea life and walked tracks through the pristine environment…

Real Serious Games
Real Serious Games contributed the technological engineering solutions to enable Virtual Warrane to visualise Sydney Harbour in accord with historical, contemporary and geographical accounts, using their latest serious games technology.

RSG designed the landscape based upon digital elevation model data, evidence from the First Fleet diaries and surveys of the landforms, coastline, harbour depths and other historical accounts.

Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy is a local Sydney Multimedia Artist and Photographer who collaborated with the artist to capture imagery of the harbour and foreshores which informed the design and development of the project.

Graffix Garage
Graffix Garage worked extensively on the Graphical User Interface for the in application.

BIMA Vision
BIMA Vision’s collaboration happened through their videography of the traditional stories of Aboriginal actors. Their productions were subsequently embedded into the virtual describing traditional knowledge and practices.

Customs House
Customs House will be transformed into an immersive physical environment with video, simulations, panoramic images, soundscapes and native landscapes which will enhance the overall experience.

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth of Wax Sound Media have created a soundscape specifically for Customs House to enhance the immersive experience and Peter Murphy panoramic imagery.

In this environment, Customs House itself is significant, as it is only metres from the original tidal foreshores and a short walk to the original fresh water of tank stream. The site is near the documented site where the British flag was raised. When the user starts in Virtual Warrane II, they begin their journey of discovery at the sites of Customs House.

Virtual Warrane II showcases the area of the present day Customs House and recreates and simulates a virtual environment with extraordinary accuracy and fine detail. The immersive heritage environment is created in an exhibition context to give the viewer an accurate appreciation of the physical environment of the Sydney Harbour prior to settlement in 1788.

This is a truly unique and ground breaking computer generated visualisation – a faithfully represented immersive heritage experience.

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  • Between Friday 20 July and Sunday 19 August from 00.00 to 00.00

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 4pm


Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW 2000 Venue details



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Brett Leavy
0421 009 279

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Circular Quay trains, buses and ferries.

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Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW 2000


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