Transit of Venus Exhibition

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Transit of Venus Exhibition

Artworks made exclusively out of native plants collected from bush regeneration projects take the environment message to another planet with the Transit of Venus exhibition at Sydney’s Tropical Centre in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Artists Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad embrace Australia’s unique floral diversity, replacing traditional oils on canvas, instead using native plant capsules and hard woody seed pods in their tribute to Sir Joseph Banks, conservation and the environment.

‘The name Transit of Venus is derived from the expedition made by Captain James Cook recording the Transit of Venus in Tahiti in 1769. Venus is soon to transit the sun again on 6 June 2012, after which it will not occur for over a century,’ Mr Cardamatis said.

’After completing the Tahiti voyage, the Endeavour travelled south arriving in a foreign land later to be known as Australia. Onboard was a scientific party led by botanist Sir Joseph Banks. When Banks was in Australia, he collected and documented countless unusual plants. Many of the hard woody seed pods he collected had their seeds removed and they were propagated.

’A lot of the seed pods used in our works are the same plants that Banks encountered. The seeds collected from the pods are also used for propagation to revegetate and rehabilitate degraded lands as part of programs to restore bushland, fight erosion and salinity and create wildlife corridors.

‘The National Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney is a repository for many of the specimens collected by Sir Joseph Banks. With these connections, you can see why holding our exhibition here is incredibly meaningful,’ he said.

Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad collaborated four years ago bringing together their artistic skills and knowledge of Australia’s unique plant life and ecological sustainability. Both artists shared a burning desire to create something truly original yet highly contemporary in the art world, that represented Australia in a uniquely accurate way.

Internationally their work has been used to showcase Australia in its natural form. This has included a recent fit out of North America’s largest dispute and mediation centre and one of Shanghai’s largest shopping Malls.

Come and enjoy this exciting exhibition – combining art, science, history and conservation set within the spectacular Sydney Tropical Centre. These unique pieces of Australian art look impressive in both modern offices and stylish homes. Artworks are for sale at affordable prices.

When: Thursday 26 April – Sunday 13 May, 10 am – 4 pm daily
Where: Sydney Tropical Centre, enter via Morshead Gate, Macquarie Street
Cost: Family $11, Adult $5.50, Children $3.30, Concession/Senior $4.40, free entry for Friends of the Botanic Gardens, artworks for sale
Enquiries: 9231 8125

Event Snapshot


  • Between Thursday 26 April and Sunday 13 May from 10.00 to 16.00

Thursday 26 April – Sunday 13 May, 10 am – 4 pm daily


Royal Botanic Gardens , Mrs Macquarie's Road Sydney 2000 Venue details


Adults $5.50, Child $3.30, Conc. $4.40, Family $11.

More Info:

Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust
Karla Davies
02 9231 8125

How to get to this event:

Sydney Explorer Bus Stop 5

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Royal Botanic Gardens , Mrs Macquarie's Road Sydney 2000


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